Saturday, August 14, 2010

Luke goes on patrol: Space and Aviation Day 2010

Luke goes on patrol
Originally uploaded by Bryon and Shannon
Luke and Daddy gave Mommy the day off and spent the morning at Space and Aviation Day at the base... Look "went on patrol" with me on the flight line and climbed all over all the aircraft... B-52, F-15, Black Hawk, Chinook, etc...

Despite the cool factor of the aircraft, he got a bigger thrill out of the fire trucks!

Great event, check it out next year!  More photos here...

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Luke turned 2 years old a couple of weeks ago. We had a great time!

It was a great birthday! A new play-scape, kiddie pools, sprinklers, a bouncy house, a ball pit, the ice cream man, good friends, food, cake, and RAIN!

Check out all the photos here... He's getting big fast!!!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Little Beach Boy

Umbrella 11
Originally uploaded by Bryon and Shannon
Luke enjoyed his time on the beach at Ft Walton Beach, FL... Here are some of the highlights...

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Luke puts "Mr Potato Head" to sleep

Shannon made Luke a Mr Potato Head out of a real potato to go along with his plastic versions. She got Luke to put him to sleep like a little baby, with a blanket and all. Good practice for his little brother/sister...


Originally uploaded by Bryon and Shannon
Luke made some friends at the local aquarium... Despite what this photo may imply, Luke was obsessed with this shark, and begged us to lift him up so he could touch it and check it out... Over and over again...

The Gulfarium was pretty cool... They had a number of live shows featuring sea lions, dolphins, and other creatures... There was even a guy hand feeding sharks...

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Luke explores his world in his space helmet

This video clip is too funny not to post!

Also, we finally caught up with posting Luke's adventures. Check these out:

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Christmas 2009

Go fly a kite kid!

Luke got his very first kite today. We gave him a crash course on the finer points of kite flying out our "back yard" on Ft Walton Beach...

Luke's first Florida Sat Morning

We're down at Ft Walton Beach Florida... Bryon has military training, so the whole family came down too. We have an awesome condo right on the beach! Here's how we spent our first Sat morning together. Luke played on the beach, which also happens to be our condo's back yard... Good times!

Side bar, we've been negligent with posting our photos lately. We'll post a bunch soon and catch you up on all of our adventures!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Luke's glamor shots

Luke may very well have a future as a male model after this recent photo shoot... He sure is cute...

More glam shots here!

Mom, Luke and Elmo pose for a photo

We took Luke the see Sesame Street Live this month... We were concerned he may not like the show, but he loved it... Especially Elmo...

A few more Sesame Street Live photos here...

An excited Luke charges the camera with his jingle monkey slippers jingling

IT was a lazy weekend fall day... Luke was dressed up in around the house clothes, including his jingle monkey slippers...

He wanted to play outside and enjoy the fall weather, so on came the hat to complete his ensemble... Dress like a homeless person, Luke had a blast!

More photos & videos here of the day and other random fun here...

Luke and Dad clap for a band of bagpippers

We took Luke the the Pipes in the Valley A Celtic Music Festival (I prefer to call it a Scottish Festival...) It was a fun little event, lots of bag pipes, highland games, bangers and mash, and locally brewed Scottish style beer!

More photos here...

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lets be honest, I'm too darn cute

Look goes "pumpkin hunting", then takes a hay ride, and goes on a couple tractor rides, Later, he carves his pumpkin and enjoys the fruits of his labor...

Lots of Festive Fall photos here on

Look, I can palm it man!

Luke takes his Mom and Dad Apple picking and on an adventure through a daisy maze...

Tons of photos from that day here on

Funny Face: Quiet Joy

A series of random photos and video featuring Luke hamming it up with various emotions and faces... Ranging from Joy to Frustration... Cute kid, with a wide range of facial expressions, a born actor...

More funny Luke faces here on

Auntie Jenna is funny...

Some random late Summer adventures with Luke... Featuring some photos with Auntie Jenna and Luke learning to get more mobile...

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Luke hits the water park and makes waves...

OK, so maybe I need to grow up, but this is funny, and if it's wrong I don't want to be right... A bunch of great action photos of Luke, laughing, splashing and having a blast in the kiddie water sprinkler park are in this photo set...

Check out the rest of the images here!